For visitors who wish to visit PR01. TRADE SHOW, please download the following Visitor's form, and fill the necessary information, then please bring the form along with a business card to the reception desk.

Please Note

Entry to this exhibition is limited to the professional buyers and the press representatives. The general public and students are not allowed.

Regarding the use of personal information.


The audition is required in order to exhibit at PR01. TRADE SHOW. The audition is carried out for the exhibition applicant throughout the year. The audition is based on the creativity and originality of the designs. For those wishing to apply for the audition, Please send the "Audition materials" by clicking the Apply button below. The result on the audition will be informed by an email or by post within one month after accepting the audition materials. The exhibiting guide and the exhibiting application form will be sent to those who have passed the audition for PR01. TRADE SHOW.

Audition Information

Exhibiting Items

Ladies' wear, Men's wear, Unisex wear, Fashion goods, Shoes, Accessories

Audition Material

  1. Portfolio showing your past works (photos etc.) *Please be sure to write down the price of each work.
  2. Brand profile
  3. Designer's profile and photo (Unnecessary if a particular designer does not exist.)
  4. Company profile, contact information, and contact person

*Please send all the materials in paper including photos. (Please do not send samples.)
*Each brand will be auditioned. If you wish to audition multiple brands, please have items 1-3 ready for each brand.
*Please note if any audition material is insufficient, the audition cannot be carried out.
*Please note the audition material will not be returned once sent.
*Any inquiries concerning audition standard and audition result cannot be answered.

Mailing Address

ATTN: PR01. TRADE SHOW Head Office
Mansion31 #7A, 6-31-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, JAPAN
Tel +81-3-5774-1420

*Please write down "PR01. TRADE SHOW AUDITION MATERIALS ENCLOSED" when sending the envelope.